Supporting Quality Policies for South Australia

If all registered political parties had a legislated requirement to publish all their official policies on the Electoral Commission of South Australia's website at the beginning of each financial year, with the full costings presented, and with updated policies clearly distinguished from earlier ones, then effective public scrutiny of policy platforms would be so much easier to achieve, particularly if the legislation also banned emotive adjectives, slogans, pictorial illustrations and spin.

Such measures would make it so much easier for members of the public, including journalists and citizen-journalists, and various advocacy groups, to compare policies and conduct political audits, and other audits, to check the facts.

The most suitable policy priority for voters is probably to ignore the how-to-vote cards of the parties in the state election. 

How should the people of South Australia influence the policies and practices of South Australian government agencies?

Whether you have already voted or not, if you have noticed a dubious claim by a political party or candidate, you may wish to contact the fact-checking team at The Conversation.

If you have voted early in the state election, before all the policy announcements have been made, and before all the spending proposals have been presented, why did you choose to do that?

You may also wish to test your abilities by identifying good and bad policies here:

Current state policy proposals of The Greens

Current state policy proposals of SA-Best

Current state policy proposals of the Liberal Party

Current state policy proposals of the Dignity Party 

Current state policy proposals of the Labor Party

The order arranged above is in line with the ballot paper for Colton in the 2018 state election.

The boundaries of the electoral district of Colton have changed considerably since the last election.  The possible, ongoing relevance of past election results in the old district are therefore difficult to gauge.

It is unlikely the politics of Colton in California will be particularly relevant in South Australia.

The political choices of voters within the electorate of Colton in South Australia may be relevant to your future access to the digital Adelaidezone, regardless of your currently location or citizenship.

Every idea likely to make the world a better place must be implemented as soon as possible.  Yet people in other political parties often feel annoyed when their ideas are apparently copied by other political players.