Helping to Improve Health Policies from South Australia

When considering your political choices before voting, do you usually think about each policy as if it is a health policy?

Why, for example, do you think one of the most expensive buildings in the world needs upgrading already?

Timing is always a political issue in relation to health.

Timing is often crucial in relation to treating acute mental health issues and other emergencies.

You may be seeking to improve health policies from South Australia, and for South Australians, through the Community Visitor Scheme.

The Principal Community Visitor is Maurice Corcoran.

Have you ever been a Community Visitor?

Do you think MPs should all be doing that activity within their own electorates, too?

You may be seeking to improve health policies from South Australia through the Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation, and especially the South Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Association

Opposition politicians in South Australia frequently make allegations of state government and bureaucratic mismanagement.

They do so for selfish reasons.

They rarely provide sufficient evidence to show how they would be better managers of public funds and monitoring processes.

Their previous experiences of government have revealed they are no better than the persons currently in charge.

They may even have been worse in many instances, especially when selling off public assets too cheaply.

How does your art, and your health, compare with that of Edward Lear?

How do you know you are preparing properly for the South Australian state election?

Whether you think of health systems as sail-powered tortoises, or as sale-powered businesses, or as boats leaking like sieves, or as some other sort of metaphor or simile, how do you compare those systems?