Evaluating Policies Brilliantly

For the forthcoming state election in South Australia, the most significant issue is whether each policy proposal, of each political party and candidate, will support mental wellness or erode it.

Evaluating policies is much like identifying the contents of a sausage.  It is a skilled occupation.  Sausages and policies have much in common.

An election campaign is like a sausage casing.

Many non-vegetarian voters in Australia consume a sausage or two immediately before or after voting.

Most people usually vote for the policies they find least disgusting.  

Evaluating a policy, or a sausage, or a psychological state, is more than a matter of taste, especially if lives are at stake.

If you are campaigning, in any capacity at all, for the successful implementation of your brilliant policies after the South Australian state election next month, please send a sample of your brilliance to the Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble by the end of this week.