Finding Policy Controversies and Resolving the Matters Magnificently

Today is Oscar Wilde's favourite day of the Western Christian liturgical year, namely Septuagesima

This is the day Shrovetide officially begins.

You may prefer to refer to this season as carnival time.

At this time of the liturgical year, as you may be aware if you follow a liturgical sort of culture, the first part of ordinary time ends.

Yet nothing is ever ordinary in the Adelaidezone.

Policy controversies in the ordinary world usually involve wicked problems.  They are also usually easy to identify.

Unfortunately, wicked problems are not usually easy to resolve, even with evidence of what to do and how to do it.

That is because many of the people causing the problems have hidden agendas and/or silly ideas about life in the universe.

Policy controversies tend to involve scandals of one sort or another, most of which are yet to be uncovered properly.

If you have found a policy controversy, where is the scandal within it?

The state election carnival in Mad March will require all South Australians to find policy controversies in the meantime and bring them to public attention in a timely, appropriate fashion.

Identifying political candidates with the ability to resolve the matters magnificently may not be quite so easy, with or without the influence of Oscar Wilde.